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We are a community of appreciaters of perfume oil. Swaps, sales, reviews and the like.

A community for appreciators of the independent perfume makers. Namely, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Arcana, and Possets, but not exclusively.

Here you will find reviews of scents we've tried, wish lists of those we'd like to, decant circles for those hard-to-get samples, feedback pages for our members, and the occasional sale or swap.


You will notice we are not heavy on "the rules" here. We do ask that you play nice. Be considerate.
(ie: Put long posts behind cuts, don't feed us your spam, don't delete comments or posts, you know, usual lj community etiquette.) Also, let me just ask that if you want to post a review, check the tags to see if the scent already has a post for you to comment on. We're **trying** to keep some semblance of organization here! ;)
Other than that, have fun! Review posts are not limited to that, wish lists are not frowned upon, for sale posts are still rare here. So, jump in! We keep a list of active/open decant circles up on top, consider yourself invited.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

After some discussion amongst members: We have a new method for organizing personal sales posts. Every Sunday we have our Community Garage Sale where you can leave a link to your swaps/sales page, and easily visit other member's pages too.
You can post your link on that page any day of the week, every week if you like. Check out the "Sunday Garage Sale" tag to get there. A link is provided at the top of the community page :)
No other post types have "rules". Post your decant circle links whenever you like! Thanks!