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décantation des parfums
Pipette Question? 
18th-Nov-2009 07:54 am
I hope this is allowed! :/ Because, it is, you know, about decanting. Ish? *tries to look cute*

I'm in dire need of a TON of plastic pipettes. I've snagged some here and there from various people, and the quality and price varies much too much for my liking. Does anyone have any recommendations for a company that offers quality pipettes, in the 1ml/2ml-ish size. Quality, to me, just means that it works. No holes in every other one, etc. Also, what is a good price point that I might be looking at? Especially if I'm wanting an entire box of them. Halp? Before I pull mah hairs out. THANK YOU! :/
18th-Nov-2009 03:54 pm (UTC)
Come on over and join imp_thumb, which is specifically for decanters and regarding decanters issues.

Someone in that community recommended Biologix Research to me. I ordered a box of 500 3ml pipettes for a total of $18 (including shipping), which is really cheap, and they're very high quality pipettes. They have all sorts of different sizes. Definitely go check them out -- and check out the feedback on imp_thumb that we maintain on various suppliers of decanting products.
19th-Nov-2009 12:13 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I checked the site out and yes, that is a good deal. I got the same 500/3ml ones. Again, thanks! :D
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