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décantation des parfums
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Please consider yourself invited to jump into one of our
currently open decant circles:
None at the moment, but you can try our "Sunday Garage Sale" tag for personal inventory sales :)
15th-Sep-2011 06:16 pm - BPAL Halloweenie Circle Bump!
Time for a quick circle bump! I've still got space in most of the blends for my BPAL Halloween 2011 circle. This circle includes Halloween: Las Vegas (you must include your bpal.org forum name when requesting it), Blood Moon, the Pickman Gallery, and all of the Halloween blends including An Evening in Hades and the Apples.

Half and full decants available, no minimum to join, US to anywhere!

Click here to join us!

15th-Sep-2011 01:32 am - BPAL Halloween
Halloween Town
So, ladies... I talked to a couple of you. Anyone up for a BPAL decant Halloween circle? MY wish list is already written up ;). But I thought I'd toss this up here <3.
Space is still available for decants of every scent in my Yule circle right here! Full and half decants available, discounts on sets, no minimum to order, US to anywhere!

And I still have Imps available in my Last Unicorn group order over here!

Happy to combine shipping and the orders will be placed soon!
Conjure Oils' wonderful Halloween update is now live, and I'm running a decant circle! Come and join me here!

I'm decanting everything from this update, including the new Devil Made Me Do It series and the resurrected Halloween blends. Half and full decants, no minimum to join, US to anywhere!


ETA: I'll be going to sleep shortly but rest assured I'll be responding to comments in the morning! : )
14th-Aug-2010 12:12 pm - BPAL Halloweenie Decant Circle!
It's time once again to celebrate the BPAL Halloweenies, and we have a spiffy new Thirteen as well! Come and join me for a spooky decant circle right here!

I'm decanting everything from this update - half and full decants, no minimum to join, US to anywhere!

25th-Apr-2010 12:22 pm - C2E2 bliss
Shadowcat &amp; Lockheed
I went to C2E2 here in Chicago last weekend. It was the BEST comic con ever... Oh... but the BPAL booth? SCORE!! I got to meet and chat with Beth a little, and there were a TON of free imps! I got The Velvets, Hellboy, Dorian, Kaiden, Mad Hatter, Cthulhu, Alice, Morocco, Snake Oil, Witchblade, The Magician and Cheshire Cat. :D!! I *finally* bought a clockwork scent locket, and for my purchase I got 6 more frimps: Black Lily, The Coil, The Rose, Hell's Belle, All in the Golden Afternoon, and Dirty. *JOY*! The day was worth it for all this alone. I tried Sara Pezzini (Hint of leather and an understated vintage musk layered over the scent of lightly perspiring, honey-dusted skin). It lasted the whole day - it was nice, but I think it's a bit too musky for me, and it smells almost too feminine to me ;). I think the "feminine" smell to me is the honey dust. Nice, but not my thing.

More thoughts to come... eventually... on the new scents!
21st-Jan-2010 10:37 pm - Conjure Oils & BPAL decant circles!
Hi folks! I just thought I'd share that I'm currently running decant circles for Conjure Oils' Lupercalia update and BPAL's Lupercalia update too. Both circles still have space in both bottles. Thanks everyone!
15th-Dec-2009 09:13 am - DD decant circle
Dance! (The Royal Corkscrew)
Check it out!

decants $4.25, half bottles $12 or $9 (depending on whether or not you want an "official" lab bottle or not)
half decants sold by the set as well.
Includes all of the Summer Blockbuster Movie scents as well as the recently resurrected Black Lace.
3rd-Dec-2009 05:55 pm - Goodbye Mythos Mixtures
Aww... I thought I'd pass this along, I got it in an e-mail:

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to thank everyone for their support and love throughout our years of doing business. We have decided to close our doors permanently as of December 15th 2009 but wanted to give all of our customers time to make any final purchases before we do so. In addition, if there are any mixtures that you do not see listed on the website (such as limited editions, rares, etc.) that you are interested in buying, please send us over an email and we will take the time to check our stock and see if we have any left to sell. We definitely want you to be able to stock up on anything you love if we have any left to give.

We simply can't thank everyone enough for the emails, support, feedback, etc., that they have shown. We hope you continue to find and shop at the many other specialty e-tailers available out there and we hope that Mythos Mixtures will always hold a special place in your heart. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and we will continue to operate normally until December 15th 2009, midnight central time or until we run out of supplies. Turn times on orders are roughly at about a week so don't worry, we will still be sending confirmation emails the moment your order has been shipped.

Have a wonderful Holiday and thanks again for everything!
Dave and Brianne
(Mythos Mixtures)
2nd-Dec-2009 09:05 pm - Shipment
I just got this e-mail:


This ship notification is being sent to you by the U.S. Postal Service® at the request of SHIPPING DEPARTMENT. If the "Shipped To" address information is not correct, please contact the Shipper.

A package with a Click-N-Ship® label created on usps.com containing the following information is scheduled to be shipped on 12/02/2009.

From:Shipped to:
N HOLLYWOOD CA 91605-5501

EEE!!! My Lamb's Wool is on its way! YES!! Merry X-Mas to me ;).
Asa, the girls and I have officially been in our new home for One Year! We are very happy and exceptionally lucky. Tardis and Rose are running around like mad with excitement while Gelion and Princess are sleeping the morning away in the sunny windows with a view of chilly green mountains and pale blue skies. In celebration, a circle! The Labbies are celebrating Dark Delicacies and why not have a Higgs Boson to compliment your own LHC? ^_~. Details ~>HERE<~
18th-Nov-2009 07:54 am - Pipette Question?
I hope this is allowed! :/ Because, it is, you know, about decanting. Ish? *tries to look cute*

I'm in dire need of a TON of plastic pipettes. I've snagged some here and there from various people, and the quality and price varies much too much for my liking. Does anyone have any recommendations for a company that offers quality pipettes, in the 1ml/2ml-ish size. Quality, to me, just means that it works. No holes in every other one, etc. Also, what is a good price point that I might be looking at? Especially if I'm wanting an entire box of them. Halp? Before I pull mah hairs out. THANK YOU! :/
13th-Nov-2009 01:05 pm - BPAL & ZOMG Smells!
BPAL 13 & New ZOMG Smells circle ~>HERE<~ Internationals welcome!

Thanks for looking,
11th-Nov-2009 04:20 pm - ISO: apple butter?
Anyone know of an apple butter scent? Not picky on the company behind it.

Seems like it is a scent available in abundance so long as you don't want to put it on your skin... but I do!

All of the packages from our community's Conjure Oil Halloween decant circle are either at their intended destination, or damn close! The last package was mailed on the 24th.
...and in celebration, it's a super fantastic commercial free "Leftovers Sale"!

under this happy little cutCollapse )
shipping is $2.50, domestic or int'l
all paypal flavours to saribeth@livejournal.com
Thanks for stopping in!
28th-Sep-2009 08:27 pm - Halloween
Halloween Town

I need more monies. Like woah...
17th-Sep-2009 09:53 pm - Sniffie break...
Cute Black Kitten
So, for those of you not on my FL, I've been very busy and going through a LOT of life changes lately. Work's been almost unbearable (I'm a vet tech) and I'm just so stressed and overwhelmed.

I have money issues as well, but, well... this is HALLOWEEN! I can't pass them ALL up, right?! So I let myself indulge a little. I got 2 imps from a BPAL Halloween circle and I'm getting 2 and a sniffie from our Conjure Oil one :). I'm rediculously excited to get the Conjure Oil scents!!

After a particularly bad shift today I came home to my BPAL imps! Yes!! I got:

SAMHAIN 2009 - Truly the scent of autumn itself -- damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein.

LAMBS-WOOL - According to William Shepard Walsh, the Gentleman's Magazine for May of 1784 stated, "this is a constant ingredient at merrymaking on Holy Eve." He also quotes Vallancey's etymological speculation: "The first day of November was dedicated to the angel presiding over fruits, seeds, etc., and was therefore named La Mas Ubhal, -- that is, the day of the apple fruit, -- and being pronounced Lamasool, the English have corrupted the name to Lambs-wool."
A popular holy day beverage in 18th century Ireland: roasted apples mashed into warmed milk and ale, with nutmeg, sugar, ginger, and clove.

I've just taken preliminary sniffs, but my GODDESS I love them both!! SO yum... Spicy and dirty and Fall and oh so Halloween goodness. Perhaps I'll give actual reviews later, but I just had to share my ray of sunshine with you guys. I thought you'd understand :).
13th-Sep-2009 11:03 am(no subject)
Kittens on a bookshelf
First, I'm looking for some excitement and happiness, so I'm wanting to start a small BPAL circle swap.  There are 11 total slots, 7 still open.  I want to start the package on its way by the end of next week.  Sign up here in this thread, but follow the progress and check out guidelines over in this post in my journal.  Please tell me whether or not you're willing to ship internationally when you sign up so I know what order to place people in.

Second, a quick bump for my Sale/Swap page.  Right now I'm trying to fund a $500 plane ticket home for Christmas.  Originally I was going to be working (I'm a nanny) and going on vacation with my bosses, but my grandpa died yesterday, so I'm taking a personal week and heading home to be with my family for the holidays.

(if I'm screwing this up, please let me know - I'm kinda new to this comm. and haven't seen a whole lot of action in it.)
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