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décantation des parfums
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Please consider yourself invited to jump into one of our
currently open decant circles:
None at the moment, but you can try our "Sunday Garage Sale" tag for personal inventory sales :)
...because no one pulls me out of retirement quite like Vajra....

An Otherworldly All-Hallows
Halloween 2009

All-Hallows marks the time of the year when the veil that parts the realms of the living from the dead is at its thinnest.
These lucky thirteen oils were hand-crafted to embody the power and the spirit of the season that celebrates the darkest parts of our imaginations and of the unseen world around us all.

something wicked...Collapse )


Sept 4th (am): The Resurrecteds that made the cut are- Poison Apple, Stingy Jack, Haunted Hayride, and Witching Hour. I hope no one is too disappointed by the five that are left out! I'll get everyone's total posted by this evening. On a side note, I am SO excited for this collection! yay!
Oh! And we're dropping one scent Black Flowers, Violet Ribbons since not a whole lot of people jumped on it.
Sept 7th (am): Totals were posted Friday, big thanks to everyone who has paid up. If yuo need more time, please let me know.
I'm hoping place our order today, I'm just waiting on Vajra to get back to my email. I'll update when we are all placed and waiting on that delicious DC#!
Sept 9th (am): Our order was placed last night! It's huge! Yay us! LOL
Oct 1st: I wish I had some info for you guys, but I haven't heard anything. I know Vajra had a very busy couple of weeks (she got married!) but I haven't heard anything since we placed the order. I'll write to her and see what's up just after I post this non-update.
October 13th: I've spoken by email to Vajra twice in the last week, she assures me our order will be in the mail today. I feel just awful that this has taken so long, I know that V had many complicating factors that delayed our order, but still -It's been a month and a half since this opened, and that's terribly disappointing. I promise I'll work very hard to get these oils decanted, packaged and in the mail to you ASAP once I get then in my hands. thank you for your understanding : /
October 15th: According to our DC# the oils will be delivered today or tomorrow! YAY! I'll update next to let you know how quickly the decanting/packaging process is coming along. I'm totally prepared to dedicate the next couple of nights to this project :)
October 17th: *Still* decanting! I'm confident I can finish up the last few scents and have everything packed and ready to go by the time the day is out. I'll post DC#s on Monday! Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE! xo!
October 19th: TRACKING INFO! (erm, some of it, anyway. I have a few domestics to ship out this afternoon -the PO was crazy busy this morning, and three int'ls to go. More DC#s to be posted later!)
78724: 0411 9496 6850 1610 9994
22401: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0006
10025: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0013
01453: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0020
93309: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0037
32736: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0044
14013: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0051
04011: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0068
October 20th: More DC#s:
97266: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0280
60491: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0259
92116: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0266
94040: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0273
October 21st: Yet more!
76051: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0297
12401: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0303
85379: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0310
60050: 0411 9496 6850 1611 0327
23rd-Aug-2009 05:19 pm(no subject)

Just a quick note to let you all know that Morrigan's Closet has had a small update

Now available for pre-order are Arcana Soaps latest offerings with a shipping date of approximately September 4th

Namaka Perfume Oil (Limited Edition): Mighty Hawaiian sea goddess Namaka-o-Kahai'i rules ocean currents, tidal waves, and thundering waterfalls. Coconut, vanilla bean, rice milk, golden amber, watermelon, banana leaf, aged patchouli, and lemongrass.

Nervine Perfume Oil: A tonic for frayed nerves, gently composed of sweet labdanum, fresh ginger, traditional styrax resin, aromatic cubeb, bergamot, lavender, ruby grapefruit, yuzu, butter CO2 extract, a dash of patchouli, and a hint of ambrette musk.

Floral Nightmare Soap (Limited Edition): A disturbingly cacophonous mix to mark summer's end: Provencal lavender, Oregon lavender, sweet green sage, rose geranium, fresh almond, palmarosa, and rich balsam of peru. Made with Tussah peace silk, soothing rose clay, and unrefined Fair Trade shea butter.

Tyger, Tyger Soap (Limited Edition): Ferociously heady wild gardenia burns bright over hints of cassiope blossoms, sweet apple, mango nectar, sunflower, Kumbhi tree fruit, and one drop of chocolate. Loaded with organic coconut milk, organic avocado oil, virgin red palm oil, and Fair Trade shea butter.

And a small Hallowe'en update from Sidhe Creations! Prepare yourself for the onslaught of all things ghoulish and spooky (aswell as a re-make of one of my 2007 Hallowe'en oils). All of these will be available until the 1st of November.

Black Cat : Cinnamon, warm gingerbread and vanilla bean with a dash of coconut absolute and a sprinkling of muscovado sugar

Ghost : Delicious white chocolate truffles coated in toasted coconut, topped with whipped cream, dried fig and a sprinkling of sugar

Ghoul : Spicy dragon's blood, vanilla extract, thick cocoa absolute and a hint of pipe tobacco

Goblin : Dark indian patchouli, oakmoss, fresh roses, heliotrope and soft african musk

Goo : This is the stuff you find at the bottom of your trick or treat bag! Melted chocolates, buttercream frosting, honey bears, ooey gooey marshmallow and just a hint of sweet raspberry (2007 re-make)

Jack-O-Lantern : I don't think I could possibly fit any more pumpkin into this :) We have hot pumpkin pie, sweet pumpkin muffins and fresh pumpkin topped with a big dollop of pumpkin apple butter!

Skeleton : Fresh yuzu and aloe with a hint of green tea, pikake and bubbly champagne

Vampire : Red musk mingles with angelica, lavender and cedarwood with just a touch of sweet merlot

Werewolf : Dark sandalwood blended with fresh ginger, dogwood blossoms and sage

Witch : Dried, dusty roses and violets with the resins of copal and frankincense and a drop of thick amber and dark vetiver

And thats that! :) You can expect to see more Sidhe Creations Faerie Dust in the coming weeks. Im working on some really beautiful colours!

Ruth xo
21st-Aug-2009 10:38 pm - Arcana August 2009 Decant Circle!
The new Arcana update has landed, and I'm decanting the 4 perfumes and 2 soaps, including the exclusives from Scent Addict AND Soap Box Company! US to anywhere, no minimum required.

This way to the circle....
21st-Aug-2009 04:39 pm(no subject)
A conversation about hits and misses on scents. I have the darnest luck seeing a scent description and disciphering if it will be great or awful on me. The most recent example is grassy scents. I have Hay Moon but its too dry and not woodsy enough, turns a little old lady perfumey on me. So I took a chance and I just got Moon of Small Spirits in. It is LOVE. Stays woodsy without being masculine, and has a similar spicy note to Pepper which is another of my loves.

Fruit scents are all the same on me sadly- Multicolored Pinwheel is so incredible wet but dries to blech the way that Hay Moon did. Bon Vivant and Shango did similar. Strawberry Moon is too desired for me to even think of trying, and I'm dubious about Berry Moon. YET the berry in Bitter Moon is great, so are any fruit scents that NA puts out. I just don't get it.

Florals- does anyone else have a bad time with aged florals? Rose Moon and Dyan Moon are both unwearable now from their once amazing sweetness. They both turn straight to powder on me. Same with the Possets Cambienne from the same period as Dyan Moon.

Anyone have any input? Similar experiences?
16th-Aug-2009 11:06 pm - Possets event
Retour de Possets Begins - From August 17th through September 2nd Possets Perfumes is going to offer every Posset ever made!

More details HERE.
15th-Aug-2009 08:59 am - Recent Events
Holy cow. Okay. Let's back up the drama train.

I'm treating this very simply, because:
1. To be honest, I don't have the energy to dedicate to investigating this issue presently, and
2. I don't need to because the post goes against community rules. Sales on Sunday only. So it's coming down.

To those of you who have been scammed: I am so sorry to hear that, I think it's awesome that you all watch out for each other. -and thank you to the people who sent me messages regarding the potential sale of stolen goods on decantations.

To the poster of the sales-in-question: if you are indeed not responsible for these allegations I hope you're able to shake the rumours. But if you ARE the person responsible for that behavior... *insert glaring evil eye here*

Please! Back to your regularly scheduled (albeit fairly neglected) Decantations action!
15th-Aug-2009 01:06 am - WARNING!!!!
Defy_you_always (with the f-locked sales post below) is Beneathglass/lucid_phantasm/MASSIVE SWAPLIFTER from BPAL.org, several BPAL LJ comms, Lush forums, MUA, and God only knows where else.

She is deleting comments but beware!  She's desperate to sell her stolen wares.  You can make or reuse all the accounts you want, sweetie, but you can't hide from the BPALers.

Do NOT do business with her.  Proper authorities have been alerted.  Thank you.
14th-Aug-2009 05:43 pm - Cleaning House and Selling Smellies!
These are priced to sell, everyone. I've been downsizing everything in preparation for the arrival of my first baby bean (now almost 17 weeks along in the ole tum-tum), and due to some financial setbacks regarding my personal transport, I'm parting with most of my collection and only keeping the ones that I use most often.

Buyer pays shipping. I use USPS Priority-mail for domestic shipping, and I try to use the flat-rate boxes. The smallest-size one is $4.95 in postage. Everything gets bubble-wrapped well before packing. Insurance is optional. Overseas shipping will have to be calculated by destination. I take PayPal payments (changelingkat73@comcast.net). That seems to be the easiest all around, but if you'd rather pay via another method, let me know, and we'll see what we can work out.

I will not do imps or partial bottles. You've got to buy the whole amount available. And, of course, all sales are final. Oh...first come, first served, too, so make sure to check the comments first to see if your selection(s) has(have) already been snagged. Thanks!

Cheshire Moon 2008--A lunatic's blend of lunar herbs and blossoms, with lemongrass, guava, pink grapefruit, banyan fruit, hibiscus, and cherry blossom.
Almost full to top of the label. $10.00

Banded Sea Snake--Snake Oil with oakmoss, sea moss, and olive leaf.
Full to top of label. $12.00

Gennivre--Hyson tea leaf, pale mint, sugar cane, orange blossom, lemongrass, and honey.
1/3 full. $4.00

Midnight on the Midway--sugared incense and night-blooming flowers.
2/3 full. $11.00

Wulric The Wolfman--***SOLD***cocoa absolute, French vanilla, birch tar, lavender, bourbon vetiver, wild musk, clary sage, and cistus.
Full to top of label. $12.00

Theodosius, the Legerdermain--Earl Grey tea leaves, a white fougere, jasmine leaf, pearlescent white musk, and vanilla bean.
A little over half full. $6.00

Zarita, the Doll Girl--white carnation, iris, orange blossom, and sugared cream.
Full to top of label. $12.00

Aeronwyn--Fig, dark myrrh, amber, redwood, nutmeg, tarragon, black musk, and sweet orange.
Full to top of label. $12.00

Doc Constantine--Sheer musk, cedar smoke, fir needle, black amber and leather.
Completely full, tested only once. $15.00

AGRAT-BAT-MAHLAHT--***SOLD***Amber, cream accord, white honey, apple blossom, skin musk, caramel, and teak.
Full to top of label. $12.00

Australian Copperhead--***SOLD***Snake Oil with acai berry, amber, cardamom, neroli, and smoked vanilla.
Full almost to top of label. $11.00

Inez--***SOLD***Golden amber, vanilla musk, myrrh, cedar, carnation, and red sandalwood.
Full to top of label. $12.00

Pickled Imp--Cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and pine sap.
Full almost to top of label. $11.00

Faiza, the Black Mamba-A sensual blend of twisting, exotic, serpentine oils: black amber, caraway, oakmoss, green sandalwood, bergamot, jasmine sambac, gardenia, orange pulp, vanilla, blackberry, black musk, white honey, ti leaf, and ginger.
Full almost to top of label. $11.00

Priala, the Human Phoenix--Three deep, dark myrrhs, smoke, and cinnamon bark.
Almost full to top of label. $11.00

Tamora--Amber, heliotrope, golden sandalwood, peach blossom and vanilla bean.
Full to top of label. $10.00

Pumpkin #5 2006--Pumpkin with five woods, English ivy and galangal root.
2/3 full. $8.00

Dragon Moon 2008--***SOLD***dragon's blood resin, galbanum, blue sage, lavender, peppermint, sweetgrass, frankincense, moonglow magnolia, bergamot, and green cedar.
A little over 2/3 full. $9.00

The Raven--Violet and neroli mingled with iris, white sandalwood and dark musk.
Full almost to top of label. $9.00

Thanks for taking a gander! Note, as I get takers, I will put "sold" by the scent name. If a sale falls through for whatever reason, I'll remove the "sold" by the scent, but you can check the comments to be sure in case I fall a little behind. :)
13th-Aug-2009 04:01 pm - BPAL Circle Summaries
 As I am placing the final order for these tomorrow evening and there is still a ton that needs to be picked and cherished less it be cruelly Chopped, I thought I'd give it a little bump here as well. All the details are behind the links including shipping, feedback (Plenty of recent), and so on. Internationals are Welcome!
Salons Remaining...$5.25 each, lab-fresh!  ~>Click Here to Order<~
The Isle of the Dead
Satan And Death With Sin Intervening
The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil
Garden Path With Chickens
The Great He-Goat
The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun
Les Anges Déchus
The Sailor's Den
Philosopher in Meditation
Weenies/Pumpkins/Vamps Remaining... $3.00 decants $9.00 1/2 bottles ~>Click Here to Order<~
Bite Me 
Carlin (1/2 bottle available)
Creepy (1/2 bottle available)
Devil's Night 09 
Dia De Los Muertos 09 (1/2 bottle available)
Feeding the Dead
The Hell-Gate of Ireland (1/2 bottle available)
Pomona (1/2 bottle available)
Samhain 09 (1/2 bottle available)
Suck It (1/2 bottle available)
Trick or Treat 09
Pumpkin I
Pumpkin II
Pumpkin IV (1/2 bottle available)
The Girl (1/2 bottle available)
Lord Ruthven
Sarah (1/2 bottle available)
August Circle scents Remaining... $3.00/$3.50 decants $9.00/$10.50 1/2 bottles ~>Click Here to Order<~
Black Butterfly Moon
The Last rose of Summer
Shadowless Like Silence
Summer's Last Will & Testament (1/2 bottle available)
Under the Harvest Moon (1/2 bottle available)
Stormclouds over the Midway (1/2 bottle available)
L'Heure Verte (1/2 bottle available)
The Blockhead (1/2 bottle available)
The Chapel (1/2 bottle available)
The Illustrated Woman
The Blood Garden
The Grindhouse
Aeronwen (1/2 bottle available)
Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht  (1/2 bottle available)
Ashlultum  (1/2 bottle available)
Cytherea (1/2 bottle available)
Dionysia (1/2 bottle available)
Eisheth Zenunim
Inez  (1/2 bottle available)
Marianne (Yes, the discontinued one! 1/2 bottle available)
Parthenope (1/2 bottle available)

Also, updated Sales Page ~>HERE<~
Thank you for looking!!
EDITED: Cause, wow, that was hard to read. Sorry. *blush*
13th-Jul-2009 09:30 pm(no subject)
Perfume saaaalllleeeeee

BPAL and more (some rares!)!!!

All HERE!!!!
30th-Jun-2009 05:52 pm(no subject)

I would just like to let everyone know that Sidhe Creations goodies can now be found at a second place, Morrigan's Closet.

So far the store is pretty small but I hope to one day soon have it filled with trillions of wonderful products. Right now Im stocking Sidhe Creations oils and Faerie Dust's, a small selection of Manic Panic hair dyes and cosmetics and lots of yummy soaps, oils and other goodies from the GLORIOUS Arcana Soaps!

Please stop by and have a look :) I have tested the site over and over again, but if you find any problems please let me know so I can fix it up :)

Also, sign up as a customer to be kept up to date with new additions, promotions, sales and whatnot!

Ruth :) xo

If this post isn't allowed here please let me know and I'll delete it straight away
28th-Jun-2009 09:35 pm - Possets Circular Swap
Made this post over on the Posset's forum, but figured I'd whack it up here as well - assuming you lovely ladies (and gents) don't mind.

Direct copy and past from my forum post so you can ignore it if you'e already read it :)

"Just gauging interest for now.

I collected all the Cambienne '08 series as I was interested in following its progression. However, it now means I am stuck with several bottles that I can't see myself wearing.
So I've decided to share the love.

Hence, my proposal is this: A Circular Swap.
I'll decant out samples of all the 08 Cambienne and send it on to first person, who will test until sated and then send it onto the next, and so on and so forth.

Just drop a line in here if you are keen."
8th-Jun-2009 12:25 am - Smoky Moon & Summer Gardens circle
I'm running a small circle over on my LJ for some of the new update.

Over here.

$3.75 a decant, $3 shipping

Please come and check it out. =)

1st-Jun-2009 10:50 pm - mostly-dollar perfume sale!!
I've updated my perfume sale listing. It's HUGE! Over ten companies with tons of different scents (LOTS of fall ones, but really a wide variety). Limited editions and discontinued scents as well, so if you're searching for that beloved scent, I might just have it.

PLUS I have decanting supplies for sale as well.

Check it out! And thanks for looking!
17th-May-2009 11:14 pm - perfume sale!

I've got to clear out a lot of my perfumes SO, my loss is your gain. Lots on sale, CHEAP! (Just a few posted now but lots more coming soon!)
7th-May-2009 05:51 am - BPAL Snake Pit Decant Circle
Friday is the last day to sign up and pay for my BPAL Snake Pit Decant Circle!

Asp Viper, Australian Copperhead, Boomslang. Green Tree Viper, King Cobra and Saw-Scaled Viper all need a little love.

The bottles will be picked up at Will-Call this Saturday, decanted and packaged and shipped on Sunday! Get these SUPER FAST!
30th-Apr-2009 10:13 am(no subject)

I just wanted to let all you lovelies know that I have updated my Etsy store HOORAY!

You can now get a 5-pack perfume oil sampler AND I have restocked with some old perfumes Id stopped making.. As soon as I took them down from the store I started getting emails asking if I had any left :P So.. please welcome back The Seelie Court, The Unseelie Court, Tintagel, Necromancy, Cuchulainn, Sluagh, Yggdrasil aaannnnnddd Heartbeat!!!! (all available as samples aswell!)

Thank You!

Oh and keep your eye on my store, I'll be updating again soon with more Faerie Dust eyeshadows and some NEW perfumes!


Buy Handmade
Vajra's latest Conjure Oils update was enticing enough to bring me out of decanter-retirement!

So, I'm gauging interest here Oh, who am I trying to kid, this line is irresistible, I'm doing it! :)
I will do the entire Via Carpathia line, but my supplies on hand limit me to one bottle per scent, so get in as soon as you can!
The cost per sample would be the usual Conjure sample price of $3.50per vial. $2.00 shipping domestic $3.00 int'l (but as usual, I'll wave either for anyone ordering a full set! -fyi- a full set comes to $38.50)
Delivery confirmation and extra goodies, as always, included! paypal fees waved.

Scent Descriptions under the cutCollapse )

EDITING! A supply resource just became available, so I'm opening up more bottles! Tell your friends, keep me out of the poor house :D This one's getting 'spensive lol.

EDIT 4-19: Our order is placed! Your total is listed above, and all forms of paypal are accepted to saribeth@livejournal.com. A big thank you to those who have already paid! Check back here for more updates. I will let you know when we get our click-n-ship, keep you updated on the decanting process and then post DC#s here after I've shipped! thanks for helping me make this one happen :)

EDIT 4-24: We have a click and ship! I should get our order by Tuesday, I'll bet :)

Edit 4-29: I have the bottles (they're gorgeous!) and will be decanting them all tonight, packaging up tomorrow and shipping by Friday! I will post the Delivery Confirmations for domestic shipments in my next update.

Edit 5-2:
I have DC#s for domestic packages! I'll be back to post them once I've figured out what the heck is up with my keyboard. It's taken me five entire minutes to type these sentences!(xposting to conjureoils)
11th-Apr-2009 09:54 pm - Drumming up activity
Hey all, long time, no chat! I know we're all strapped for cash, and I already have FAR too much perfume, but I have to say I kinda miss all the decant circles. AND... I got the Possets newsletter and I have to say some of the Spring scents sound yummy. I'm just saying. ;) *cough*

And in the spirit of fostering conversation, here's a question. I've been going back through my collection and wearing some of my older scents and rediscovering why I fell in love with them in the first place. So... what are your top 10 favorite scents right now? I know mood and seasons and stuff affect it, so I just wanna know what you are into currently :).

My current top 10 in no order:
BON VIVANT - An effervescent blend of crystalline champagne notes and sweet strawberry.
BENGAL - skin musk with honey, peppers, clove, cinnamon bark and ginger.
DANA O'SHEE - Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains.
WHIP - Black leather and damp red rose.
HALLOWEEN - Incensy, spicy, and manages to capture the width of a dimming blue October sky.
SEX WITH THE SPIRITS - Very earth-like but yet with a huge shot of vapor, spice and a bit of cake roll around with a perfumy back lash...
Conjure Oil:
Poison Apple 2008 - green apples coated in caramel sprinkled with brown sugar slathered in buttered rum.
Grandma's House - This is fond memory blend of walking into her house with a batch of gingerbread cooking, candied apples cooling, and vanilla frosted butter cookies ready to eat.
Sparkle Dust - A little champagne, some vanilla cream, mangoes, sugar, cookie crumbles, and much more!
Mythos Mixture:
Angelitos - Mexican sweets - cajeta, sopaipilla and chocolate skulls.
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